Fitness Park

You can keep fit and have fun at the same time at the new fitness park in the spa gardens. An ultra-modern open-air fitness studio has been created here in conjunction with the Technical University of Munich.

The five training islands on the fitness trail are designed for individual exercises to improve your coordination, strength and endurance. A moving experience is also guaranteed on the new 'Finnenweg' trail which is covered with wood chips to make it easier on your joints, and the new barefoot trail which has 13 different types of terrain for a host of invigorating impressions. Bad Griesbach's hotels offer their guests regular dates for free sporting activities with an experienced trainer. However, if you wish to explore the trails and fitness equipment for yourself, you can do this at any time. The new fitness park is open to holidaymakers and locals all year round free of charge.

Fitness trail

The only thing that the new fitness trail has in common with the 'keep-fit trails' of the 1970s is the desire to help a broad group of users to improve their health and fitness by taking part in fun, enjoyable sports activities. Otherwise, the new concept has more similarities with a state-of-the-art fitness studio – but an open-air one. The five training islands comprise various items of equipment made of wood and steel, combining sporting activity, relaxation and enjoyment. Based on work carried out by the Technical University of Munich, Bad Griesbach council has worked in conjunction with the Nordic Wellness Academy to develop the idea further. The trail consists of a warm-up, a coordination island, two power islands, a multifunctional island and a stretching station. At each station, various exercises are explained on information boards. The insular design enables extremely fast-paced, modern and effective training based on the circuit principle. The exercises use the majority of the skeletal muscles. Bad Griesbach's hotels offer their guests regular dates for free sporting activities with an experienced trainer. Use of the fitness trail is also free of charge.

Barefoot trail

Relaxation for the body and mind – and your feet, too: unrestricted by shoes, they have the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and experience a completely new set of sensations on a variety of surfaces, treading on sand, sandstone, limestone, a path made of sticks, various granulations of gravel, granite paving slabs, balancing blocks, split basalt, cobblestones, boulders and logs. At the end, your feet get treated to a dip in a Kneipp pool. Shoes must be left outside in the storage provided.

'Finnenweg' trail

Anti-frost gravel, fleece and wood chips – a combination that makes walking particularly easy on your joints. With its soft, flexible surface, this medicinal training path makes it easier to take steps and is therefore used to practise and strengthen the relevant movements after operations. The trail runs for 400 metres along the edge of the Kurwald forest to the viewing pavilion in the west of the Bad Griesbach thermal complex.