The 'white sport' in Bad Griesbach.
With its eight well-maintained sandy courts at Bad Griesbach Tennis Club at Jahnstr 7, close to the swimming pool, and three indoor courts plus three sandy courts at the Hartl Resort in the spa resort, Bad Griesbach has a wealth of facilities for avid golfers also wishing to don their tennis whites.

Players of all different levels and ages are welcome on the courts at Bad Griesbach Tennis Club. From 4pm on Tuesday it's time for the senior citizens session, mainly consisting of friendly doubles or mixed doubles, while from 5pm on Thursday there's a training session for the 40/50 team.

At all other times, for a small fee of €8.00 you can take to the court
and play to your heart's content. Please bring a €2 coin with you.
Playing partners and lessons (€12.50/hour) can be arranged with qualified tennis assistants (certified by the Bavarian Tennis Association) by the board of the Bad Griesbach Tennis Club.

TC Bad Griesbach
Meyer Bernhard, Kronberger Str 7, 94086 Bad Griesbach
Tel: 08532 923232, Mobil: 0172 8557256

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